Worst Bug Ever

Long before I joined the Studio team there was a certain bug. Luckily, the bug never made it outside the confines of this building. It was in a developer-only build. It only had to rear its ugly head once, and it was immediately annotated the Worst Bug Ever.

Studio has to create temporary files in the process of transcoding or rendering your movies. Since a lot of space might be consumed, Studio lets the user determine which disk and which directory to use for the auxiliary files.

Worst Bug Ever

How nice.

Well, a certain manager set his Auxiliary Files folder to be the root level of C:\ drive. And after making a movie, he decided to clean up the files by clicking on the Delete button.

Can you see it coming?

That’s right. It deleted the auxiliary files on C:\ and it kept going. It deleted everything on his disk.

Yeah, once that bug was detected, it didn’t last long. It was one of the worst bugs ever, and one of the most expediently killed.

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4 Comments on “Worst Bug Ever”

  1. Ted Elfer Says:

    This is not a comment but I did not know how else to get hold of you. There is one thing you or someone else from Pinnacle should do to educate us poor users: Describe to us the filing system (file locations, naming conventions and meaning of symbols) used by Studio

  2. David Says:

    Good point. That should be the topic of another post. (There are about three in the queue ahead of that as it is. I’ll have to compare what I know with what’s documented.)

    Adventurous readers might deduce my email address by knowing where I work, and using the subdomain field of the url of this blog.

  3. Ted Elfer Says:

    I have reinstalled Studio and the recently released added patch 10.6. On booting the reinstalled Studio for the first time it commenced a process of installing Studio Media Recording but an error pop-up reported that “the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable”

    Hitting the cancel button did not end the process but it did after rebooting. However, this annoying pop-up appears every time I hit “settings”

    PLEASE advise what to do. Should I uninstall and reinstall or is there another way to get out of this mess. I would appreciate a reply by e-mail


  4. David Says:

    We’re resolving Ted’s issue via email. This blog’s mostly about anecdotal stories, which I only post about once a week. So it’s not a very good forum for technical support, sorry!

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