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The best unknown feature in Studio 10

December 13, 2005

My favorite new feature in Pinnacle’s Studio 10 is the Auto Save feature. It’s buried deep in the Options dialog, on the Project Preferences tab.

If this feature is disabled, (as it is by default), then you have to explicitly open and save your projects, just like you would with documents in NotePad.

But when I’m actively working on a project, I want Studio to open directly into the project I was most recently working on. Don’t waste my time making me have to explicitly open it.

If the program’s smart enough to add it to the Recent Projects list, it should be smart enough to just open to the document I’m interested in.

Then there’s the Auto Save part of it. Never having to wait for a Save to explicitly happen is nice. Everything I do is instantly committed to disk. (I can always undo my change or save a copy of my project if I want to keep a snapshot.)

And for technical reasons, using AutoSave actually makes the projects smaller on disk! Turning on the feature saves time and space. How often do you hear that?